Fixed Lines

Fixed line telephone services - ISDN - Analogue - SIP - from CMS Synergy in Merseyside, covering nationwideCommunication is at the centre of a business’ relationship with the outside world. Calls to suppliers, calls to clients, calls from customers, enquiries and much more all find their way in & out of even the smallest business operation.

And that’s why most businesses from the humblest start-up through to established concerns rely on the traditional telephone. You may call it a landline, phone, main line or home phone and we know it as a fixed line.

And it’s fair to say that business communication is at the heart of everything we do here at CMC Synergy so no matter how many telephone lines your business needs, we’ll be able to offer a cost effective solution that’ll keep your overheads trim & your staff talking.

Top Tip: You are not tied to using BT for your fixed line telephones. Talk to us & find out how much you can save.