Energy Savings

Business energy is an overhead that many business owners & managers do little about, thinking that it is what it is and they can do little to tame this particular overhead.

Commercial Energy from CMC utilitiesThere is an alternative to the high prices & bureaucracy of the major energy suppliers and thanks to our links with independent energy brokerages, we can help you ensure that your commercial gas & electricity supplies are on a tariff that suits you, your business & your pocket.

Domestic energy users often have little more than a choice between peak & off peak (economy 7) tariffs. But for the commercial consumer there’s a myriad of different tariffs based on peak consumption, averages, Seasonal Time Of day (STOD), feed-in tariffs and a whole lot more. And that’s why CMC Synergy Utilities are here to help you get the best deal.

We deal with all commercial supplies from small businesses in a single unit through to large hotels, farms, nursing homes and factories so give us a call on 0151 545 0808 & see what our specialists can do to improve your bottom line.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for renewal time to find out how much money we can save your business – don’t just accept your renewal quote from the Big 6 without talking to us first – there’s no obligation and we’re happy to offer advice.