Fleet & Vehicle Tracking

Tracking vehicles gives your business the visibility you need when it comes to knowing where your staff are – right now!

Our fleet tracking solutions give you that vital management information that you need: vehicle Tracking from CMC Synergy

  • Real-time location updates, headings, and engine status of all your vehicles on our Google or Navteq maps.
  • Play back of historical journeys.
  • Automated alerts when vehicles pass into specific areas. (Geofences)
  • Automated alerts when vehicles break road speed limits – giving your fleet manager the information to advise, retrain or discipline on-the-road employees who may be driving dangerously or bringing the Company into disrepute.

The web-based interface can provide timesheets, analysis of speed, idling time and a host of other information that will help you to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance customer service.

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