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Many businesses suffer from costly energy services from big-name providers, because they don’t know of an alternative, and these overheads are not something you want to worry about as a business.

As a commercial energy customer, businesses have so many different tariff options to choose from, all based on a multitude of different factors. Here at CMC Synergy, we are dedicated to making sure you find the best energy tariff that suits your specific needs, saving you money in the process. Our energy services have been used by businesses as big as factories, farms, and hotels, but we deal with smaller businesses too.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for renewal time to find out how much money we can save your business – don’t just accept your renewal quote from the Big 6 without talking to us first – there’s no obligation and we’re happy to offer advice.

We are an impartial and independent national broker dedicated to making sure we find the best energy tariff that suits your specific needs saving your business money throughout the life of an agreement.

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