Reliable fixed line systems to keep communications going.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, fixed lines are key for keeping business communications.


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Fixed line solutions for your business needs

If you want to know more about our fixed line services, contact CMC Synergy Utilities and we will help you get your business connected.

No matter the business, communication is key. Here at CMC Synergy, business communication is at the epicenter of what we do.

Using fixed lines, or a landline, as you may know, it as, is what most businesses rely on.

So it doesn’t matter what you business you have, how many lines you need, we can put together a plan for you that will keep costs low.

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Leased Lines
It’s vital for businesses to have
communications that won’t be
interrupted and leased lines
offer that dedicated connection

Hosted Telephony
Using a hosted telephony
system gives you the ability
to manage all of your
communications easily

Telephone Systems
It’s important to have reliable
telecoms, whether you’re a
well established business,
or a new business

Business Comms
We are a B2B business
reseller who can supply you
with everything you need for
your business

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